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  • STAGE 1
    Project works
    Our projects are based on knowledge of the skilled experts and on development works of world leading producers that allow us to find the quick and optimal solutions on building solar power station of any type
  • STAGE 2
    Delivery of equipment
    We offer various equipment from the leading world manufactures. At this, we keep to the rule: no pressing - just assisting a customer to impersonally evaluate the effectiveness of solar station use at customer’s construction site
  • STAGE 3
    Construct-installation works
    Our professional installation personnel have expertise and deep experience in building solar stations that provide guaranteed high quality of installation works
  • STAGE 4
    Start-up and adjust works
    Our qualified engineers possess deep knowledge and experience in adjusting the equipment of any complexity that assure the long-term and reliable operation of solar stations
  • STAGE 5
    Maintenance service
    We offer the full range of services in maintaining solar stations within warranty period as well as post-warranty period. It is not a customer who has to look for experts; we shall do all necessary works for you

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